I feel sad.
Possessions out of place.
Relationships disrupted.
A gray sky and a chilly morn’.

The Fall is a time of new growth dying,
the sunset of the summer.
My house, that was my home, is torn apart.
Things are missing.
I live out of a suitcase, my toilitries in a bag on the vanity.
The surround sound, once 7.1 is now 3.1.
The cans of food are gone, ravioli, chicken noodle soup, all.
My office, now full of furniture and boxes, has no room for me.
Children grown, friends left behind.
Memories fading, the past crowding the present.

Tomorrow, the movers come.
Today, the last day in this house, in this town.
Yes, it’s still the States.
No matter where I go, I am still here.
Yes, I know, once I’m on the interstate,
everything will be behind me, and
my eyes will look ahead, constantly.
I will speedily go West into future time zones to
catch up with new memories.

But, today, now,
I feel  sad.

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