odometer 2,590

oregonview.jpgWell, Mapquest was right: 2,590 miles later, I am in Eugene. Had a very nice ride from Bend. Bachelor and the Sisters were glistening with new snow. Hood was up north. Went past the Metolius River, Sutter Lake and hooked up with the McKenzie. The air was crisp and clean. Stopped for a very good latte.

Since we arrived in Oregon, things have felt very good. I realize I am sunglasses.jpgcomparing the landscape to Nebraska, Missouri and the like, but Oregon looks really good. The open range. The grand rivers. The colorful mixture of deciduous trees turning color against the green evergreen and blue sky. The conical mountain peaks.

Anyhow, we got the key from the realtor and went to our house. Everything is clean and very much in order.

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2 Responses to odometer 2,590

  1. Homer Sweeney says:

    Patrick and Dawn,

    I am pleased to see that you arrived at your final destination safely. I would think you two are exhausted from the long trip..

    Take care and stay in touch.


  2. Patrick says:

    We arrived just fine, but our journey hasn’t ended. The moving van showed up and deliver our 17,000 pounds….

    Did you look at Randy’s N.Y. fishing trip? Wow!

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