odometer 2,012

Spending tonight in Twin Falls, Idaho. This morning, there was frost on the car windshields. Drove across Wyoming. The Snowy Range had a light dusting of snow, glistening in the early morning light. Went past the Green River and memories of a fine fishing adventure. Had lunch in Ogden; it’s pretty with snow covered mountains around it. So far, the trip has been smooth and uneventful. At worst, it’s tiring and somewhat boring. I miss exercising, walking around and socializing with people. Basically, we drive, eat and sleep. I don’t think I would like being a truck driver.

Tonight we are in a Holiday Inn Express, last night in a Comfort Inn. Another night in some other kind of Inn, maybe Quality. I think I prefer Holiday Inn Express, but I couldn’t tell you why. They seem pretty much the same, especially the breakfasts.

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