leaving WV: golf

I really don’t play golf. I have had and continue to have an interest in golf. It’s just that it is an outdoor sport that takes all day and competes directly with fishing. In my position¬†as President, I was invited to many Hospital Foundation golf fund raisers and, indeed, we held our own tournaments to cultivate broker relationships. So, I decided, I really needed to take up golf. I joined Edgewood Country Club, Edgewood's Clubhousegot some new clubs, booked lessons with the pro and started practicing regularly. Little by little, I started to develop a game. Usually in a tournament with “captain’s choice” or “best ball” rules, I would contribute several strokes to the team. If handicaps were involved, I could make a large contribution because mine was so high. West Virginia has some wonderful golf courses, including the Pete Dye at Clarksburg which is part of the Nationwide Tour.

Edgewood also has a very traditional club with good dining in a comfortable atmosphere.

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