what David said

from Journal entry of  Sept. 22

David said, “Watch the company you keep,” “Everything happens for a reason” and “There’s only the present.” For 14.5 hours we sat beside each other on our flight from Los Angeles to Sydney. His thoughts:

1. Over time, people start to become like the people they associate with. Their interests become ours. We do similar things and start to think alike. We dream about the same things and tend to have similar goals.

2. It’s not by chance we are where we are. Our actions to date set our current circumstances in place, a reaction to past causes, an inevitable conclusion to past actions. We took the same fights, so we were meant to meet.

3. In the present, there is a memory of the past and a glimmer of the future. But neither the past nor the future actually exist separate from our current understanding in the present. Yet our respective histories frame our thoughts. Our fears and wishes color the future. But all of this occurs in the present.

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