from Journal entry of  Sept. 22

Have you checked out Basically it is for text messages or instant messages. Rather than just messaging your friends to say, “I’m at the DQ in the Mall,” you send the message to twitter to let the whole world know. Everyone gets their five seconds of fame. “I’m at the subway station.” “I’m at the dry cleaners.” When your message hits the website, it shows up as the last entry. That is, until someone else’s update hits the website and their entry becomes the last entry. You are on the front page for about five seconds. After that, your entry is old news.

Instant messaging has a certain kind of appeal. When I blog, I’ve arrived in Australia, I am doing the same thing. It’s an important event in my life. The day feels special. Some people may be interested. A smaller number might be relieved. But all the Australians will be totally bored. Is faster better? I could twitter, “I’m washing my socks.” But maybe, it would be better to slow down and find something to say.

In any event, since this will actually be posted some future date in time. I probably need to update my cellular capabilities.

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