tents at duskI went to a festival at Ivory Rock Conference Center. It is about one hour from Brisbane.The festival was well-organized; the topic was peace. Temperatures ranged from about 11 to 33 Centigrade or about 50 Fahrenheit at night to daytime highs in the 90s. The sun was brutal. Apparently the ozone layer has been significantly depleted in this area.kangaroo

I met people from Fiji, Indonesia, Taiwan, Argentina, Ireland, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Holland, Italy, India, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and the U.S.A. A couple from Taiwan were kind enough to complement me on my chopstick technique and inquired how I had learned to use chopsticks.

I slept in a tent. It was large and tall enough that I could barely touch the ceiling while standing. It had a cot, clothes stand, towels, sheets, pillows, blanket, sleeping bag, waste basket and a flashlight.

The land is lake a park. I saw kangaroos. I heard there were koala bears, but I didn’t see any. Birds are numerous and are especially active about dawn, 5 a.m. It gets dark about 6 p.m.

In talking with the Australians, I think the tour to take is starting at the Great Barrier Reef and working south to Tasmania. Then add a taste of the outback before heading home.

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