Bird of Paradise and city skylineBrisbane constructionI stayed at the Royal on the Park Hotel in Brisbane. It’s on Alice Street, right across from the Botanic Gardens. As I stepped outside, I saw a storm moving in while the sun, low on the horizon, reflected on the building. I took a walk in the park. It’s spring now. The flowers are blooming and everyone is out exercising. There is a walking/cycling trail along the Brisbane River, that goes on farther than I chose to walk. Footbridges connect to the far side of the river with yet more trails. The weather was cool. Although they report a twelve year drought, it a walk in the parkrained on me. I wandered through the Queen Street Mall and ate several meals there. I expected steak, crocodile and kangaroo specialties, but was surprised at the excellent Asian fusion cuisine. The city is culturally diverse and lively. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and located near the Pacific.

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