ODOT 6,797

As I pulled in front of my house in Charleston on Friday, August 31, my odometer read 6,797. I had been gone since July 2, basically two months. In addition to the mileage on my car, I drove another thousand miles on the rental car in Oregon. Lots of driving. West Virginia to Colorado. Spent time in Estes Park, Del Norte, Colorado Springs and Denver. Flew to Oregon. Visited friends in Portland and looked at houses in Eugene. Flew to Colorado. Visited more relatives. Drove through Wyoming to South Dakota. Retreated from the Black Hills and stayed in the Badlands. Visited relatives in Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York and Pennsylvania.

It feels good to be home. Aside from stuffy air, the house is in good order. Last night, I went to the Charleston Regatta and listened to the Gin Blossoms and watched the fireworks. Now, I need to catch up on my blogging. Visiting with relatives is wonderful, but it was hard to find spare moments to process photos, upgrade my website and write about life. In between getting my house ready for sale and my possessions ready to move, I now need to get back to work….

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