IllinoisAfter a day of driving, I am somewhere in Illinois, about 493 miles from Charleston and not quite to St. Louis. I can’t wait to see the mountains of Colorado poking above the long plains of the Midwest. Driving directions are simple: Take I-64 from Charleston to St. Louis. Take I-70 to Denver.

Planned distances by day: 493, 400, and 475.

Visiting Family, Friends and Fish in the the United States of AmericaOhio River
Planned destinations:

  • Colorado–Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado River, Colorado Springs and Denver
  • Oregon–Portland and Eugene (McKenzie River)
  • Minnesota–Minneapolis and St. Cloud
  • Wisconsin–Milwaukee
  • New York–Schenectady and Long Island
  • Pennsylvania–Delaware Water Gap

Total Miles:  5,000 and $700 of gas.

Luggage: for my Himalaya Adventure, my luggage was limited to what I could carry on my back and weighed under 30 pounds. I had two changes of clothes. Now, I travel in luxury; my Toyota Camry trunk overflows into the back seat of the car.Hotel Card

  • lots of pants and shirts–even shorts, bathing suit and a jacket and tie
  • complete trout fly fishing gear
  • cooler, folding chairs and table, sun shade, sleeping bag, ThermaRest

Wow! That’s luxury.

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