Re-entry, the comforts of home

last flightLiving at home is easy:
+ there are water fountains in the airport AND I can drink out of them
+ I don’t feel compelled to lather my hands in antiseptic prior to eating
+ no one has thrust anything in my face this morning and asked me to buy it
+ the coffee tastes good
+ everything seems clean
+ I don’t need to take my flashlight to dinner in preparation for the inevitable power black outs
+ toilet paper is soft and I can flush it down the toilet; there are toilets I can sit on
+ no one has stepped immediately in front of me as I was walking
+ no one has honked at me for being on the street. A driver stopped and waved for me to cross the street first.
+ I can wear shorts without fear of contracting malaria from mosquitoes
+ I can eat fresh fruit and vegetables that have not been peeled
+ I can choose from a wardrobe of clothes and shoes
+ I can shower without washing the day’s underwear, socks and T-shirt

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