Our Group

There are twelve of us plus our Intrepid tour director. There are three married couples (half our group). There are six men and six women. Dawn and I are the only people from the States. All the others are from the Commonwealth: England, Scotland, Canada, and Australia. We, at over 50, are by far the oldest in the group. The youngest person is 18.
Blair is our Intrepid group leader. He is experienced, knowledgable and responsive. He has guided several groups along the exact same route several times in the past (everyone made it). He wrote a thesis on Buddhism and traveled extensively in Tibet. Our group are an accomplished lot and include physicians, a vetenerian, two Ph.D. statistaticians, jet pilot, Cambridge student, a web architect, editor, etc.
In addition, we are joined by local guides. We are also in a bus for several days to get to the rural areas; there are two Chinese drivers.

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  1. meme says:

    “We, at over 50, are by far the oldest in the group. “

    was does “over 50” mean?

  2. Patrick Dowd says:

    over 50 years of age.

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