on the possibility of being Unique

Many of us, including myself, endeavor to be unique–to do something different, to feel special. Perhaps to observe the world from a different angle. Or to create something that is indeed creative or at least refreshing.
Through travel, I seek new and different experiences, contact with people that feel foreign or visits to places others have rarely visited.
But as I travel, I am with other tourists, travelers that are part of my group and travelers that are alone or are part of groups of local tourists. Many others have travelled here before me.
Everyone in our group has a camera. At some spots (the marker at Everest Base Camp), people take turns taking photographs at the same spot. One member of our group has a good DSLR camera; he studied photography in school. I bet he takes good photographs.
Several members of the group keep journals. I bet some of their stories are remarkably similar to mine.
I don’t think it is easy to be unique. Maybe it’s impossible. There are at least 1.3 billion Chinese and probably 1.5 billion. They are only one country.
Has someone done everything sometime? What’s new?

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