On Plane to Lhasa

After spending time in the Tibetan Plateau and Grasslands, I look forward to visiting Lhasa. Even in the hinderlands, posters of Lhasa and, of course, photos of the Dalai Lama, all point to the importance of the capital city. Having spent time at altitude (around 3,300 meters) and suffered from its effects, I am somewhat apprehensive about going even higher (3,683 meters). Chengdu is only a little above sea level. I enjoyed my first really good sleep in a week (even with a 5 a.m. alarm).
From the airplane window, I can see enormous snow-capped Himalayan peaks in between the clouds. My first glimpse of the Himalayas! The top of the peaks are covered with snow, but the snow gives way quickly to clean shaven rock cliffs.
We have been moving every single day this week (Monday to Friday) including our very basic night at the Homestay in Thankor. The hotel last night was warm, had hot water at all hours, a good bed, Western bathroom and good green tea, to boot. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to five nights in Lhasa. With a little luck, I will acclimatize quickly, get some rest, see the sites and be prepared for our final push to Everest.

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