Lhasa to Senjie

ToyotasFour “Jeeps” showed up in front of our hotel at 8:30 a.m. The thirteen of us plus the four drivers and a local guide get into them and head off. We travel about five hours or 215 kilometers up into the mountains.
For much of the route, we followed the Yellow River.
The landscape is remote, but we feel like we are traveling in style. The driver wears a brown sport jacket and matching brown gloves. We are in the Jeep with the guide. He talks to us and tells us about the sites we are seeing.
Any SUV is called a “jeep.”

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  1. Kevin says:

    some not so good news from Tibet


    ZENGSHOL, Tibet – In a massive campaign that recalls the socialist engineering of an earlier era, the Chinese government has relocated some 250,000 Tibetans – nearly one-tenth of the population – from scattered rural hamlets to new “socialist villages,” ordering them to build new housing largely at their own expense and without their consent.

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