Holy CowKhatmandu is a city, but it is unlike any other city I have been in. It feels like Asia, Indian, and exotic. The streets are abuzz with people, carts, rickshaws, motorcycles and streams of pedestrians. Vendors hawk their wares from stores, stalls and simply sitting on the sidewalks. The streets criss-cross and are more like alleys than streets. There are no proper blocks in the sense that you turn right at several corners and return to your destination.
The colors are bright and the designs intricate. There are many tourists and ex-pats. Restaurants have every type of food imaginable. The weather is warm. Living is easy. It’s a good place to walk around, hang out, and relax.
Today we leave Kathmandu and Nepal. We fly to Delhi, India and take the night train to Haridwar.
Our tour group is all but broken up. Once we leave. only two of the original thirteen people will remain in Khatmandu–one will travel three hours by bus to bungee jump into a gorge.
By now, we are rested and have recovered from our various ailments related to altitude, air, water and food.
We have two more weeks until we start our long journey home.

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