Jokhang Temple

Jokhang TempleThe Jokhang Temple is centered in Old Lhasa and was buit in 647 A.D. during the time of Strontsan Gampo. King Songsten Gampo had three wives from India, Nepal and China. As we enterered the temple, I marveled at the doors and door jams. The wood is original. So are the wooden pillars and beams.
As we were looking at some statues learning about he Buddha of Compassion, a policeman rushed in and grestured for us to move aside. Hundreds of pilgrims streamed in a frenzied array. We were pushed toward one of the back temples. From my viewpoint, I could see the line of pilgrims making their offerings. Other pilgrims were prostrating at my feet (and on my feet). Our guide explained this particular temple, the Jowo Sakyamuni, was opened infrequently and some people had been waiting for weeks.
The temple is unique in that it includes Buddhas of all four Tibetan sects and is recognized by all Tibetans.
The temple served as an army barracks during the Cutural Revolution and was not destroyed.

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