Freedom to go where we want and do what we will
Freedom to think what we want–to say it, to write it down
We can read what we want without fear of reprisal or punishment
Freedom to move, to travel, to return, to start again.

I know I like to travel and want to see more of the world than I have seen. I know I’m a tourist, a sightseer and taker of snapshots. Travel gives a sense of accomplishment–I have gone places and done things. I have seen things I did not plan, expect or dream to see. I want to say that travel changes me in a positive way–makes me more flexible, open, aware, and tolerant. I learn tidbits of geography, history, culture, politics, language, and the more practical details of tourism and travel.
I frequently have a good time, am excited by the natural geograhical wonder and fascinated by the human spectacle.
I am not trying to accomplish anything. I write and post my blogs; I shoot and upload my photos. I travel, I photograph, I journal. I post.

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