hard workAs I write this, I am sitting on the balcony of a room at High View Resort. I’ve awoken early (still on Tibet time — 2 hours and 15 minutes earlier). An expansive valley opens up bfore me. I’ve been told you can see the Himalayas from here but it’s cloudy and foggy now after last night’s rain. A cuckoo is calling, a rooster crowing, insects chirping and someone is singing a Nepali song. I’m sitting in my T-shirt sipping green tea I bought in Beijing.
Today we will take a walk in the local village with a Nepales guide. We will learn about the Hindu caste system. Tomorrow we will go to Kathmandu and the following day our Intrepid tour will end.
We are resting. Since we left Lhasa, we have been on the go, traveling most of the day on rought roads and staying in guesthouses with latrines and little in the way of hot water or showers. Our laundry is getting cleaned. They have good food here with an attentive staff. It’s a good place to recharge.

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