About 7 yuan (after exchange fees) equals 1 U.S. dollar.
100 taxi from airport to downtown
25 usual admission fee
18-380 performance of acrobats, KungFu or Beijing opera for individuals at tourist price
5 soft drink
60-100 dinner for two with tea
160 lunch for two at tourist restaurant above ceramics factory
70 2 coffees at Starbucks
1 one minute of Internet at hotel
5 one hour of Internet up the corner on the second floor where no one speaks English and the signs are all in Chines
3 subway fare
400 all day tour with guide and driver excludding lunch, tolls, admission and tips
3,000 one week in deluxe hotel room

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  1. Patrick Dowd says:

    Joe, good to have you back and know you are still blowing. Didn’t spend any yen; yen is the currency of Japan. I was in China.

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