arrived Beijing to start the Himalaya trip

We made it to Beijing. This computer setup is different. Everything is in Chinese except Internet Explorer which is in Spanish!!!
The flight was very long, about 11 hours. We left Monday morning at our house at about 5 a.m., a fifteen dollar cab ride to the airport (including tip). We arrived at our hotel about 5 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, a fifteen dollar cab ride from the airport (no tip–apparently they don’t believe in tipping here). This was the first flight I’ve been on where they not only announced the time when we landed, but also the day. The flight was delayed an hour, but otherwise uneventful.
Beijing is about 50 degrees latitude, roughly the same as New York City. It’s cool, about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Some trees are starting to bloom. People are friendly. The hotel is clean and nice, the Harmony Hotel.

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