gear: it takes a lot to pack a little

My check-in bag weighed 23 pounds. I have another 16 pounds of carry-on. This includes 11 pounds of camera gear . Grand Total–just under 40 pounds. My backpack weighs 8 pounds.
By contrast, when I went to Patagonia, I had 75 pounds. But that was a different trip. Because it was a fishing adventure, I had fishing gear and intended to travel by automobile. This Asia trip is different. No fishing and lots of movement on public transportation. Typically, we will be moving every couple of days.
Although I don’t anticipate much rain, temperatures will vary from Delhi at over 100 degrees F to Everest at below freezing. Our accomodations will be between basic and very basic, including sleeping on trains, family homes, and monasteries.
Gear includes:
— down jacket and sleeping bag, bed sheets, backpacker towel
–compass, whistle, collapsible water bottle, matches, needle and thread
–toilitries and prescriptions, sunblock
–2 long-sleeve shirts, 2 pair of pants, 1 pair shoes, 3 underwear, socks and T-shirts
–long johns, Thermax shirt, rain jacket
–hats, gloves, sun-hat
At 8 pounds, the backpack is heavy. I spent 3 pounds for the use of wheels.
All clothes are synthetic, quick dry material. Hat, shirts and pants are minimum SPF30 sun protection.
I splurged and got a Tilley hat.
My one pair of shoes are brown oxfords with Vibram soles and Gore-Tex XTC uppers.
My underwear are advertised as 17 countries, 3 weeks, 1 pair of underwear. I splurged and brought 3.

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