Happy New Year! and update

Happy New Year! We are in Rio Gallegos (the city). I’ve not forgotten you, readers. It’s been two weeks since I’ve had ready Internet access (in Esquel). Even today, the cafes don’t open until afternoon because of the holiday. After Esquel, we went into the National Park Los Alerces which was totally off any electrical or Internet grid. That was followed by travels by car to Bariloche and by bus over the Andes to Puerto Montt for Christmas. We boarded our ferry boat for a four day trip with over 900 miles of sailing. See separate (not yet posted) blog for account of the worst storm in three years. We arrived late but safe in Puerto Natales in the pouring rain. It rained all night. It had been raining on us since Los Alerces and we decided to go east rather than into the park, Torres del Paine, in the rain. Se we spent a day taking buses from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas and on to Rio Gallegos. Yesterday was a gorgeous day–warm, sunny and little wind. Today, it is raining. As time and Internet access permit, I will attempt in separate posts to update you of our travels.

We look forward to happy adventures and travels in 2007. Last year had some good fortune, but it was also a time of tumultuous change full of challenges. I hope all of you have a wonderful year, full of happiness, health and friendship.

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    New Year’s at the bottom of the globe.

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