fly, before and after

The phrase is, from river to table. But in this case, it’s from table to river. In the morning I tied up a fly and the following day I caught a fish with it. We brought our vise and other materials for tying flies. The wooly bugger is a popular fly here. It mimics a small fish, leech or large insect. It also mimics pancora crabs which are abundant here. The locals drop the “w” when pronouncing the fly’s name. I awoke one morning in Esquel and tied a half dozen on the kitchen table as I drank coffee. Lead thread, maribou, saddle hackle, chenille and as a variant, flash-a-boo. I tied them in black and olive on hooks sizes 6 and 8 with a beadhead.
The following day we had moved to Los Alerces National Park to the Hosteria CumeCue. We fished the boca of a stream flowing into Rio Rivadavia. During our guided float trip, I learned that a floating-sinking tip was awkward to cast and didn’t go deep enough for the large river in spring run-off ocndition; so I bought a Type IV full sinking line. I waded deep along a sand bar and cast toward the opposite shore. There was a seam that flowed into a back eddy. I let out line hoping to drift the fly deep into the seam. Then I stripped the fly back in through the slow water. I caught two nice fish that way, a brown trout and a rainbow.

The photo of the fly uses a 105 mm macro lens. The photo of this fish is taken underwater using my point and shoot camera.

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  1. Bobbie says:

    Happy New Year P & D!
    Great photos and writings.
    Looking forward to your next adventure, but I wouldn’t want to be a fly on your wall.

  2. Kevin says:

    and I think I speak for all your readers when I say “WE” are impressed….

    very nice.

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