end of world

We are in Ushuaia, nicknamed the end of the world. I think we are about 55 degrees latitude. It gets dark about midnight. I think it gets light about 3.30 a.m. The weather is temperate and no wind. Yesterday, we went for a seven hour cruise on the Canal Beagle, scene of Charles Darwin’s studies on species (the Beagle was the name of the ship). Last night we ate at midnight. We dined with a German who lives in Mexico City and just returned from an Antartic cruise yesterday morning. We ate succulent king crab. They served it in a bowl, already cracked, just the legs. Wow.

Tomorrow we fly to El Calafate to see Perito Moreno and then on to Torres del Paine. Our trip is unfortunately nearing an end. I have lots of good photos, but unfortunately, I have not found an Internet cafe here that can accomodate them. Later….

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  1. Ron says:

    my mouth waters at your description of the crab in the bowls, already cracked. last evening we dined at the hands of a peruvian chef in bogota, columbia;(betsy kept telling me to hang on tight, as she was afraid of being kidnapped and me being asked for ransom) he’s anxious to come and visit colorado, who served us sea bass with risotto and shrimps. one of the best meals i’ve ever had.

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