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RheaRheaUnusual birds in Patagonia include rhea, flamingos and sheldgeese.
The rhea are called ñandù. They remind me of ostrich. When they run, they have a funny gait. They run very quickly, far faster than you or I can run, especially on the uneven plains. Often they graze beside the road and run away as the car approaches. Before they move, they are extremely difficult to spot because their camouflage is flawless. When they run, the trunk of their neck is horizontal to the ground. They can’t fly.
Flamingos are not unusual in Patagonia. I saw them in shallow lakes and ponds, poking around in the marsh areas for food.flamingosflamingos
There are many ducks and aquatic birds around the fishing rivers. The sheldgeese are very common. I think this is the Magellan goose.

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