Beagle Canal, Ushuaia

Beagle CanalWe took a catamaran excursion boat into the Beagle Canal. The Canal is named after the ship that Charles Darwin sailed in while he was researching and writing, Origin of the Species. The Les Eclaireurs is the furthest south of any Argentine lighthouse.
As we slipped away from Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world, we seemed to enter a magical territory of sea animals.Beagle CanalBeagle Canal
The canal has many small islands where sea lions, cormorants and penguins gather.
Beagle CanalBeagle Canal
The juvenile penguins are now old enough to leave their nest; we saw many first time swimmers enter the water.Beagle CanalBeagle CanalWe even saw a whale. We sailed past Port Williams which the Chileans claim as the southernmost town in the world.

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