photos, Los Alerces vistas

Here is a photo of the hosteria we stayed at and the view while we ate meals. It snowed one night.
We tried to explain “Dreaming of a White Christmas” but I’m not sure our broken Spanish converyed the meaning.
The cho chos (lupin is the Latin name) were in full bloom everywhere.
The peaks were visible from the hosteria. The panorama shows Lago Rivadavia.

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  1. Salem Esber says:

    I am heading to this region in about two weeks for a week of flyfishing. I am also going without a guide – my buddy and I are renting a car and will run the trip ourselves, finding public access points and wading almost exclusively. I would love to get some additional advice from you – would you mind sending me your email address, at my address above?


    Salem Esber

  2. Patrick says:

    My email is patrick at the name of this website. I´m traveling and have been having difficulty getting on the net. Will help if I can.

    At first, I stayed in Esquel but found the daily commute took a long time. There is also a little Swiss town that is somewhat closer. Best bet is stay at an Hosteria near the lakes. MArcelo Coronado has a dorm-type fishermen’s apartment.

    You can definitely wade, but overhanging limbs and access because of the forest is difficult.

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