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We have enjoyed our stay in Esquel. Our cabaña worked out fine. We visited some waterfalls. The fishing report is that the National Park seems the best. Arroyo Pescado is all private and very expensive, even by U.S. standards. Rìo Grande (aka Rìo Futulafquen) is very big and very full of water. There are not many obvious access points. We fished above the bridge right before the international crossing into Chile. We are still uncomfortable climbing under barbed wire fences to access the river by crossing someone’s land.
We floated Rìo Rivadavia in Parque Nacional Los Alerces yesterday with a guide. We had difficult weather (wind, cold and rain), but worse, recent heavy rains had the river swollen with cold water and the fish sulky. We did catch some very nice fish and saw literally hundreds of them. Earlier in the week, we briefly fished Rìo Arrayanes and also saw lots of fish. (Arrayanes are a type of tree that looks like a Madron (if that helps?)). More than anything, it felt like the Patagonian Andes, wild, unpredictable and exhilirating.
Despite the weather, we liked it well enough to book it as our next destination. We will be staying at Hosterìa Cume Huy. We stopped by there after fishing all day. They had a huge kitchen with a large wood-burning stove; it smelled great. They provide three meals a day and a warm place to rest. We will be close to our fishing spots. From Esquel, it’s a drive of 1.5 hours. After that, we move on to Bariloche and Puerto Montt.

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