Merry Christmas Cruise

We are about to embark on a four day cruise along the west coast of Chile from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales. See the link for more info. We will keep posting as we have Internet access. I have lots of photos, but limited access time for uploads….

Today is Christmas and all the shops are closed. We found a mall yesterday, and yes, they were playing Christmas carols and people were buying presents. We went out to dinner for seafood (Puerto Montt is famous for its seafood). The restaurant was on a jetty extending into the bay. I had sauteed crab, palm and avocado salad and fishermen’s stew. Dawn had crab bisque, salad, and sea bass. My stew had a variety of seafoods. I am lucky Dawn’s undergraduate was in marine biology, so I could identify everything. There is a big holiday tree in the town square. Restuarants and businesses have holiday lighting. But it’s not as lit up as the US, probably a good thing.

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  1. Homer Sweeney says:

    Hello, from back home WV. It’s Homer and I wanted to say that I am impressed with all of the exciting activity you two are experiencing. I finally had some time to explore you web site Patrick. It is wonderful that you are technically knowledgeable and able to share this wonderful journey. I think we should plan on you and Dawn presenting at one of our TU meetings next year.

    I will check back each day for updates for more exciting news.

    Homer Sweeney

  2. J. F Hill says:

    Hi Dawn and Pat,
    I enjoyed your “bloging” very much. I felt like I was with you folks although I didn’t catch any fish. What a great way to spend weeks having fun fishing and eating good food. Have a safe trip home.

    J Frank

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