good days on Navimag

abandoned shipThis is an old ship that ran aground and now serves as a navigational market (and house for seagulls).
I really like this photo. We were very happy to see the sun come out again after the storm. It is taken in color. This ia a glacier the Captain took us to as a consolation for not seeing Pio X, the largest glacier in South America. I don’t know the name of this glacier.glacier
Here’s our porthole in our cabin and a photo I took leaning out the window and the photo I took.
portholethe view
Here are peaks we passed just before we reached Puerto Natales. They might be from Torres de Paines.towers of stone
Dawn looks rather cold as we pass through a very narrow channel.chilly day
The Captain had to navigate through several very narrow channels.narrow channel

We were all happy to reach land again.
at the dock again

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