fishing report, Rio Chimehuin

We have found fishing here everything we hoped for. Clear, cold rivers flow from the mountains and provide abundant habitat for trout. At its best, I released six fish in an hour, each ranging from fourteen to eighteen inches. The largest fish so far has been a heavy brown twenty inches in length. We have found Rio Chimehuin which drains from Lago Huechulafquen the most most productive. Mostly, I use what I think of as a standard nymphing rig. Nine-foot five weight rod, nine foot leader with 5X tippet. Size 16 nymph (Hare’s Ear, Prince Nymph, Pheasant Tail all work fine). Fish the seams of riffles. In the evening just before dark, there is a caddis fall and fish can be caught downstream of the overhanging willows. I caught the large brown this way. He was vacuuming up caddis without any concerns. I could see his broad head roll over to take my fly even though it was too dark in the shadows to actually see my fly. He ran out into the main current and raced downstream. It was difficult to get him to the net. His color was spectacular even in the low light. So far, our best spot on the Chimehuin is south of town where the road curves and there are many statues of San Ignacio.

Rio Curruhué was a bust because its entire length is fenced and inacessible. There is access under the bridge, but we only caught one small fish. Similarly, Rio Malleo is slow fishing. Although extremely picturesque with many views of Volán Lanín, we found few fish. We tried both above the interesection with 23 and below the five-peso Mapuche gate.

For unknown reasons, the custom here is to take siestas. People arise early for work and school. But in the afternoon the stores close. Dinner is served very late. We typically fish until dark which is now after 9 p.m. and then return to town. (It gets light before 6 a.m., don’t know when). All the restaurants are open. We are easily seated a 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m. at night. Even when we are leaving, more people are arriving for diner, often with young children. We have attempted to adjust our schedules because the best fishing is apparently in the morning and evening–so essentially we can fish two shifts with a siesta in between.

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  1. ron and betsy says:

    dear patrick and dawn, we are sorry it has taken so long to visit your site and comment. however,now that we’ve done so and found it to be so entertaining we’ll visit again. the fish stories and commentary were so great and caused betsy to ask if i was “salivating” which i was. merry christmas to the two of you. amy is here from detroit, zach will motor down from denver, as will melissa, so we’ll all be together here in mayberry. thanks for the opportunity to stay in touch and we may need to hire you as travel guides because betsy if threatening to treat me to a trip to columbia and panama in february. looking forward to seeing you sometime in 2007. ron and betsy

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