Christmas photos

Christmas chocolateHere is Dawn buying provisions for the long bus ride. Bariloche is full of chocolate shops, each of considerable size. Their chocolate is wonderful.
This is a view from the bus window on the way to Puerto Montt. It is Volcan Puyehue, near Osorno.
As we were driving on the bus, we went through a little town. I had my camera out with a long lens and was looking for photographic subjects. I saw this little girl and trained my camera on her. Before I could take the photograph, a bus came between us. In the meantime, the father noticed my attention. He was walking with his family on Christmas eve. I looked at him through the windows of the bus between us. He lined his family up for a portrait. When the bus moved, I snapped the photo before we moved on.Christmas treefamily
Here we are at our restaurant after dinner.
Here’s the sun setting over the bay in Puerto Montt on Christmas Eve eve.This is a view of our hotel with a cloudy volcano behind it. The other view is from our hotel room window.hotel viewfrom across the bay

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